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Welcome to Covered By Carina LLC, a life insurance agency committed to providing comprehensive, tailored, affordable life insurance solutions for individuals and families, regardless of health condition.

We take great pride in instilling peace of mind in our clients by securing their financial future and safeguarding their loved ones from life’s uncertainties. Our diverse portfolio of high-quality insurance products offers flexibility and coverage that fits your unique needs.

Our expert team is our backbone, and we believe in a client-centered approach. Our licensed professionals are not just insurance agents; they are financial consultants who will take the time to understand your needs, long-term goals, and financial situation to recommend a policy that best suits your life and budget.

At Covered By Carina LLC, we constantly adapt to the ever-changing world of insurance, utilizing the latest technology to simplify the policy selection process. We aim to demystify insurance jargon, ensuring you fully understand the coverage you receive.

Let’s build a secure future together. At Covered By Carina LLC, your life truly matters to us.

A Message From Our President & CEO, Carina Morris

We believe in you.

Our mission is to help individuals and families achieve financial security and peace of mind by providing life insurance products. But we don’t stop there. By placing your trust in us, know that we tirelessly work to ensure you and your loved ones have everything you need. We get to know you, learn about your needs, and strive to always put your needs first in every decision we make. We’re not just selling a product; we’ve invested a lifetime into you and everyone connected to you. Let us show you how much we value you and the people you love. Get Covered By Carina today.

Life Insurance 101

There are two major types of life insurance that you can purchase; Term and Whole. We’ll talk more about what they are here.

Why Life Insurance?

You may have heard about Life Insurance but are wondering, "Why is it important to have Life Insurance coverage"? Let's talk about a few of the benefits.

Financial Security

Life insurance products offer financial security for you and your loved ones because of the death benefit that can cover burial costs and funeral expenses.

Peace of Mind

You can bet that you'll feel peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be financially supported when you pass away.

Debt Payoff

Do you own a home? Have children? Own a business? Life insurance products can help pay off these outstanding debts after you are gone.

Tax Benefits

A Life insurance policy can often come with benefits like a cash value component, meaning that your money is making money on a tax-deferred basis.

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